Criminal Birds is a four-piece band from Denton, Texas formed in 2011 by Taylor Dondlinger, Grahm Robinson, Reggie Hastings, and Gunnar Ebeling. The band’s dynamic sound dwells in a purgatory between their sturdy rock foundation and the ethereal space above it. The eclectic blend of lush guitar textures, and edgy vocals lie confidently atop a deep-rooted rhythm section.

The band co-produced their debut self-titled EP with Justin “J.C.” Collins at The Echo Lab in Denton, TX in 2013. The Music Enthusiast said the “[Criminal Birds] EP is a wonderfully woven tapestry of sounds that shows off various sides to the group, and it’s hard to fit them into just one category of music. The music is much more mature than you might think younger musicians would be capable of.” That year “Criminal Birds’ seductive ambient indie rock” also won them Deli Magazine’s (Austin) Readers Poll, as part of the mag’s emerging artist contest.

In 2014, Criminal Birds released it’s sophomore album,“Fizzy Water”, an EP that was also produced by Collins. Since it’s release, the band has spent their time touring the south, cultivating a burgeoning local and regional following. The band’s live show is one that is “on par with any big ticket national act”, as said by Auditory Asylum, performing along side bands such as The Whigs, HRVRD, Black Joe Lewis, and Wild Child

2016 will see the next release from Criminal Birds, in the form of a full-length LP.